OrgIntCee Population Ecology and Survey Datasets



organized interests in post-communist policy-making


The OrgIntCEE Political Ecology Dataset contains the formation and dissolution dates

between 1989 and 2019 – as well as additional information (the represented issue/subfield

and constituency) – of Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovenian energy policy, healthcare,

and higher education civil society organizations active at the national level at any time

period within the timeframe.

The OrgIntCEE Survey Dataset is a survey of the active groups

in these populations conducted in 2019-2020. For the documentation on the conceptual

design of the research project, the sampling procedure and rules for the population ecology

dataset, the response rates and the fieldwork period for the survey, please refer to the below article (open access).

The two datasets were compiled as part of the project “The Missing Link: Examining

organized interests in post-communist policy-making" at the University of Konstanz,

Germany and the University of Opole, Poland. The project received generous funding from

the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Narodowe Centrum Nauki through the

Beethoven II research funding mechanism.

The English translation of the questionnaire is available as an online appendix to the below article. The Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian versions of the survey can be provided by Michael Dobbins on request.

Cite as: Dobbins, Michael, Labanino, Rafael, Riedel, Rafał, Czarnecki, Szczepan, Horváth,

Brigitte, and Szyszkowska, Emilia (2022): “Organized Interests in Post-Communist Policy-

Making: New Datasets for Comparative Research”. Interest Groups & Advocacy, Online first,